Billabong Swimwear: Surf Clothing, Board Shorts, Wetsuits And Bikinis

By: Andy Boylan

Published: October 31, 2006

Billabong International Limited has become a household name for most surfers, snowboarders, skaters and wakeboarders. What was once a small, local Australian business has become a worldwide juggernaut, operating in more than five different countries. Billabong is now one of the premier makers of swimwear, clothing and wetsuits on the market today.

Billabong swimwear includes Billabong board shorts and Billabong bikinis. Initially what made Billabong board shorts so popular was the unique triple-stitching technique developed by founder Gordon Merchant. This method of stitching gave them more durability than other brands of board shorts available. Billabong board shorts come in a variety of styles and can be purchased at a Billabong store, a retail store carrying Billabong brand products or off of the internet. Billabong bikinis also come in many different styles so check out for all styles. If it is off season, they might not have Billabong bikinis listed on their website. If that is the case, the bikinis should be available at other retail outlets or Billabong stores.

Billabong swimwear includes Billabong wetsuits that come in five different styles depending on price range and functionality.
The wetsuits range from around $129 to $400 each with special features. Each suit has padded zones, is made of airlite material, and has a stitching pattern and design meant to maximize movement range as well as minimize chaffing and rashes. The best and most expensive Billabong wetsuit offers such features as a zipper-less way to get in and out of the wetsuit, an internal airlite jersey for extra warmth, silicon knee pads, and a glide skin collar, to name a few. Billabong also has a full line of wetsuits specifically designed for women to complement their men's selection.

Along with Billabong swimwear, Billabong also has a full line of Billabong surf clothing. The clothing includes various styles of jeans and khakis, sweaters, fleeces, beanies, jackets, long sleeve t-shirts, and shorts. Just like Billabong swimwear, Billabong has many different styles for men and women alike. Women's clothing includes halter tops, skirts, vests, and much more.

Billabong swimwear is not the only reason to check out Billabong this year. Though their ever-popular board shorts are what initially drew consumers to Billabong, their growth has stemmed from their product diversity. Today clothing is just as legit to buy from Billabong as a wetsuit or bikini.

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