Billabong Clothing: Jackets, Shirts, Hats, Sandals And Dresses

By: Nelly Hanley

Published: January 9, 2007

Billabong is an Australian English word meaning a stagnant pool of water. However, there is nothing stagnant about the Billabong Clothing brand.

Billabong Clothing is apparel specifically designed for boardsport athletes and enthusiasts. The brand is owned by Billabong International Limited, an international company with a staff of 1,750. Billabong apparel is manufactured and sold in over 100 countries with over 8,000 stores worldwide. The majority of the company's revenue is received from Australia, North America, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Brazil.

Billabong was created in 1973 by Gordon Merchant, a surfer and surfboard shaper, and his partner, Rena. Merchant was dissatisfied with the quality of apparel designed for surfers and decided to market his own designs. Billabong clothing soon took off with a successful line of boardshorts featuring a unique triple stitching technique.

Originally marketed towards surfers, Billabong's success has allowed the company to expand into other boardsport markets. Billabong clothing now encompasses the areas of surf, skate, and snow boardsports with the company's sales for the 2005-06 financial year totaling over $1 billion.

Professional athletes, junior athletes, and boardsport events market the billabong clothing to a wide demographic audience of surfers, skateboarders and youth who adapt the style. Billabong is dedicated to supporting boardsports worldwide by investing in industry bodies, advancing event stages and providing athlete sponsorship.

Billabong mens clothing is designed to be comfortable, active, and fashionable.
Mens apparel includes shirts, pants, jeans, shorts and the famous boardshorts, a popular type of swimwear which extend to the knee and are designed to be light, quick drying and comfortable. Billabong boardshorts are available in a variety of designs, colors and fabrics.

Billabong shirts are also available in a diverse assortment. Popular shirts styles include t-shirts, polo shirts, button down shirts and long-sleeved shirts. Shirts are also offered in a wide range of colors, prints, graphics and fabrics.

Billabong girls clothing is designed to be both active and feminine. Billabong clothing for women includes tees, tanks, skirts, pants, sweaters and bikinis. Billabong dresses are very popular and are available in styles including halters, mini dresses, knit dresses, bandeau dresses and sun dresses. Billabong clothing for women has been featured in many fashion publications such as Seventeen, Jane, Cosmopolitan and Lucky.

Other popular items for both men and women include Billabong hats, Billabong sandals and Billabong jackets. Billabong clothing and products are licensed and sold through select boardsport retailers and in Billabong retail outlets. Billabong clothing is also available for purchase through the company's website and other online stores.

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