Surfing and Wakeboarding History

Big Wave Surfing Awards And Records
by Lindsey Gregory
Published: November 13, 2006
Catching big waves around the world is rush for surfing purists and revolutionaries alike. In fact, since the inception of the Billabong XXL Awards six years ago, riding big waves has become big business, according to Sean Doherty of Tracks ...
by Evan Finneke
Published: October 18, 2006
Since its beginnings a mere twenty years ago, the popularity of wakeboarding has spread like wild fire throughout The States, and as far as the coasts of Australia and Japan. The sport has become widely televised on several channels including ...
History Of Surfing
by Evan Finneke
Published: October 4, 2006
Most likely birthed prior to fourth century Polynesia and sharpened to perfection in its celebrated home of Hawaii, the sport of surfing has a history full of controversy, mystery and certainly excitement. Surfing took root in early Hawaiian culture and ...